Unidentified Woman: A New Contemporary Art Exhibit at Historic Northampton

Paradise City Press, March 15, 2017

Jodi Colella couldn’t be more prescient. When the Somerville based artist conceived of her new exhibit, Unidentified Woman, currently on display at Historic Northampton, she had no idea hats would be the new symbol of feminist resistance. Yet Colella was nevertheless drawn to the collection of hats in the museum’s collection, and created sculptural interpretations of archival headwear that serve as both personal and ideological expressions of her experience as a woman. 

Leah Mackin at work. Photo provided by the artist

Leah Mackin at work. Photo provided by the artist

“2x3: A Generative Arts Project” – Art About Making Art

Paradise City Press, August 5, 2016

A fascinating project and exhibit opening at the APE Gallery on Sunday, August 7, aims to demystify the creation and meaning of contemporary art. 2x3: A Generative Arts Project is the brainchild of local artists and curators Trevor Powers and Esther S. White, and features artists Sally Clegg and Leah Mackin, as well as work by the artist collective, Loculus (Read more here).



Photo courtesy of Gabe Bernini/ Paradise City Press

Photo courtesy of Gabe Bernini/ Paradise City Press

Northampton Arts Council Spring Grant Round: Art Funded by Art

Paradise City Press, May 4, 2016

Art begets art, or at least that's the operating principle behind the Northampton Arts Council's Four Sundays in February series. The four part series eatures exceptional local and national talent, while proceeds from the performances help fund the Council's spring grant round, providing needed resources for both emerging and established Pioneer Valley artists (Read more here). 


Take to the Trails!
Edible Pioneer Valley, summer 2015

The Pioneer Valley is a haven for cyclists. Starting in the spring, cycling enthusiasts, from serious riders dressed in full cycling regalia to families packing picnic baskets, take to the valley’s bicycle paths and country roads. They may seek adventure, exploration, or beautiful views; they may want to challenge themselves or just have a peaceful ride along the fields, rivers, and woods. No matter what their motivation, cyclists can be guaranteed great places to stop for delicious refreshment. (Read more here)

Places for Spirit
Art New England blog, August 3, 2015

Places for the Spirit, documents photographer Vaughn Sills' exploration of the gardens in the deep South. For over twenty years, Sills traveled through small southern towns and countryside, drawn to personal gardens that are at once unique and traditional, reflective of an African American, southern aesthetic that is fading from the landscape. Sills’ photographs capture the poetic language of these gardens and their serene, protective and spiritual essence. a (Read more here


An Artist’s Tools
Straw Dog Writers Guild, March 1, 2015

I have been picky about pens all my life. I prefer roller balls with a medium or fine tip – extra fine is too scratchy. Felt tips are an acceptable substitute; ballpoints are out of the question. My current writing implement, in place for at least 10 years, is a Uni-Ball Vision rollerball pen.
(Read more here)





Yun-Fei Ji: Migrants, Ghosts and the Dam
Art New England blog, February 20, 2015

Chinese artist Yun-Fei Ji is at once traditional and transgressive. At first glance, his intimate, detailed paintings and scrolls are soft and peaceful, in the style of Chinese landscape paintings. However, the images in his work include monsters, starving animals, skeletons and flooded landscapes full of upturned cars and uprooted trees. (Read more here)


A Guide to KidsBestFest 2015
Northampton Arts Council/
The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism blog, February, 2015

While some New England families see school vacation week as a chance to escape winter and clamber towards warmer climates, the annual KidsBestFest, a weeklong series of movies shown at the historic Academy of Music in Northampton, is a compelling reason to keep it local. Parents and children can sit in a warm theater, munch on hot, buttered popcorn, and watch an array of films, including the 2014 spectacular “Internet Cat Video Festival,” a sure crowd pleaser for all ages. (Read more here)

Felix Lembersky: Soviet Form, Jewish Context
Art New England blog, January 30, 2015

The Russian painter Felix Lembersky is an artist of survival. Born in 1913, his work documents war, genocide and repression, as well as an artistic vision that refused to follow the dictates of Soviet Russian. His work speaks to his direct experience: Lembersky was wounded in defensive operations outside Leningrad, presented his thesis during the Siege of Leningrad in 1941, and lost both his parents to the Holocaust. (Read more here)




Finding my Way Back Home 
Straw Dog Writer's Guild guest blogger,  January 1, 2015

When author and critic Elizabeth Janeway first encountered Louise Fitzhugh’s “Harriet the Spy,” in 1964, her response was prophetic. “I hope that hundreds of snoopy little girls will go and buy themselves notebooks and start writing down their observations,” she wrote. I was one of the legions of “snoopy little girls” who identified with Harriet, who read Fitzhugh’s book and felt that maybe, finally, someone understood me. (Read more here)


Press release for Deceptive Practice:
The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
Northampton Arts Council, February 2014

On Sunday, February 9th at the Academy of Music, the Northampton Arts Council will host an afternoon of history, deception, and magic with renowned illusionist Ricky Jay, including a screening of the film, “Deceptive Practice: the Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay.” (Read more here)

Photo by  Kindra Clineff

South Face Farm Local Hero Profile
CISA e-newsletter, March 2014

Tom McCrumm of South Face Farm has a deep reverence for the art and the history of maple sugaring. “Maple sugar is the original food crop of North America,” he explains, noting that both wheat and corn were imports to this continent...  (Read more 

Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm Local Hero Profile
CISA e-newsletter, December 2013

Family traditions are an important part of every holiday, and for those who celebrate Christmas, what tradition could be more essential than picking out and decorating the Christmas tree?
(Read more here)




Apex Orchards Local Hero Profile
CISA e-newsletter, August, 2013

Among Northampton’s Tuesday Market regulars, Apex Orchards may be best known for one thing: apricots. When the apricots come in, people line up at Apex’s stall, eager for this year’s crop of the soft, delicate fruit. Tim Smith, the owner of Apex Orchards, agrees that the apricots are special. “A lot of people have never tasted a fresh apricot,” he observes, noting that Apex is one of the only farms in the Pioneer Valley that grows the fruit. (Read more here)